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a long time [14 Apr 2005|07:50am]
[ mood | awake ]

Wow, its been a long time since I have updated my journal. If I am correct I am one day short of a month. Alot has happened since, but there is to much to tell. I had a great spring break, I went to my first party two weeks ago, although I did not do some of the things people normally would do like smoke and drink; by the time we got back there was no alcohol left. LOL. There was this hot guy there and you know we talked, well mainly laughed, but thats all. Over and done with. Tomorrow I am going to have fun though. I'm going to a club for the first time. There is some kind of thong contest happening. Yet, it aint an ordinary club. In order to get in you have to dress appropriate. Guys have to wear collared shirts, dress pants, and no sneakers or sandles. Doesn't bother me. I was going to dress nice anyway; not like i would for school. Well some guy named Mark might show up with his friends. I kind of hope he does show up. If he comes then i wont have to dance with any strangers; you know how clubs are. Alright well baseball season has started a few weeks back. I got to go to the Marlins opening game! THEY WON! It was a beautiful 9-0 shut out game against the Atlanta Braves. On top of this Juan Encarnicion had his first grand slam of the season. Then at the last game i went to he had his second grand slam of the season. GO JUAN! But we all know my true player of the team is Juan Pierre. #9!!! The last two games they played the Phillies and Dontreal Willis, good ole D-Train himself, pitched a back-to-back shut out game!!! A 8-0 win and a 4-0 win. They are off to play the New York Mets on Friday night. Wish them luck! Wait, they don't need it. They are going to kick some ass! I will be going to many more of their home games. I mean where would thye be without their good luck charm. :)

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[15 Mar 2005|09:05am]
[ mood | amused ]

Your Husband Generator by Lady_Galadriel
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[11 Mar 2005|08:21pm]
Dance the night away by karchan85
What you Look like
The MusicJazz
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[11 Mar 2005|04:34pm]
[ mood | nothing to do and its friday! ]

If you woke up and I was in bed with you, what would be your first thought?
(Now post this in your LJ and find out what mine would be)

*note* sleeping attire= umm does it matter? well if it does it aint much...lol...camis and mini!! shorts :)

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[11 Mar 2005|12:05pm]

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saw a movie [11 Mar 2005|09:01am]
[ mood | energetic ]

Well i got see the premeir of Robots yesterday night at the Muvico in Boca. Even though it was more of a kid movie i do have to say it was awsome. lol. very funny especially since Robin Willimas is one of the voices and you know the hair dresser lady from legally blonde? well she is the voice of the robot that has that really BIG ass...lol I think Amanda Bynes was the voice of Piper (rhymes with Viper)..wait yes she was...lol. ok well the movie was great, i would def. see it again. Hey maybe i will go see a movie tonight. i mean i would be seeing it alone but hey i have nothing else to do, i think i will go look up movies and times...lol. who knows maybe someone will go with me...but who? i mean like i said i dont care if i end up going alone, i just want to go see a movie even if it is Robots again...lol :) I got to talk to my friend in New York last night, finally. I had to get off the phone early though, which sucked, because my damn nose if stuffy and alls i do is blow it and blow it and it makes my eyes watery and i get tired so i hung up so i could get off to bed at 9:45!!! now that is early. Joanna is leaving me for the weekend, she is going to the ROTC state competition. 4th hour wont be the same without my buddy. but hey i wouldnt be able to chill with her tomorrow anyway, i am pulling a double at work. She comes back tomorrow night so on Sunday when i get off work and david gets off we are going to either go to his house or miller's house for poker, whether they like it or not, me and joanna have already decided upon it and told them about it so tough luck for them. I hope they are ready to lose their money!...lol. oh and guess what!!!! I AM EXEMPTED FROM MY MATH MID-TERM!! I have the highest grade in the class and my math teacher (the only teacher) makes it to where if you have the highest grade you dont take them, you will help her grade them. Hey i would rather help grade then take them! I am so happy about that. Well i ordered my dress for the military ball yesterday too so that should be here in 2 more days...i put it on express...lol. i am going to look so good. :)

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WHY BRITTNEY? [10 Mar 2005|12:39pm]
[ mood | Just aced a math quiz ]

Toxic by Britney Spears

"It's getting late
To give you up
I took a sip
From my devil cup
It's taking over me "

Ah, what's a year without breaking a few hearts? Literally.

ok why did i have to be a brittney spears song? i hate her. oh well at least it one of her better songs...lol...and she looks good in it. lol :) oh by the way i just got another 100 on an algebra 2 quiz! go me.

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Military Ball [07 Mar 2005|10:05am]
[ mood | Happy for what may come ]

I figured out how I am going to do my hair for the military ball...lol...so no I just got to go home tonight and try it out. lol. But of course I have to by bobby pins first, but i'll just get those when I go to pick up my paycheck today after school. I do believe something else will happen...I am keeping my positive attitude for it shall bring me through. Let's hope the hairstyle turns out good too.

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BOOM! [05 Mar 2005|08:05pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Don't ask about the subject. I had to think of something and that was the first word to pop in my head. Yesterday was fun which also classifys as today because the fun carried over past midnight. lol. Lets see...movies, hot tub, movie at home, went to go to bed, didnt go to bed, stayed up all night, had fun! I guess that justifies it. lol. i mean there is so much detail, but i dont think we need to go into it right now. I mean the people who were there know about it and why i had fun and if anyone wants to know just ask and maybe i will tell...lol Let's just say something i wanted to happen a LONG time ago finally did. I was really happy about it and at the same time shocked about it. I didn't think it would ever happen. But hey i am not complaining...lol. i had fun...leave it at that.

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Second hour boredom [04 Mar 2005|09:50am]
[ mood | bored ]

You Are 100% Psychic

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But you already predicted that, didn't you?

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You're very tapped into the world around you...

Just make sure to use your powers for good!

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new background [03 Mar 2005|11:45am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

just got the new background. tell me what you think of it. oh and by the way 13 days left till my braces come off...they shall be missed :(

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I am Back [02 Mar 2005|10:12am]
[ mood | awake ]

hey guess what! i met a deaf person yesterday. It was really great. I liked it. I have been waiting a long time to meet one. I love sign language and i wish more of the people i know knew it. Like joanna knows it and i can talk to her using it but i want to be able to use it more. lol. so if you ever feel like learning it let me know an di will gladly help. its a wonderful language to "speak". I was up pretty late last night...well for a school night that is...i was watching t.v. and texting mike. I mean i would have been on the computer, but i broke another keyboard...opps...spilled water on it again. Hey they are only $10...i mean ill pay for it, but i dont have too because for some reason when i told my mom what happened she wasnt mad. I was about to roll over and die when she didnt yell. It just aint like her. My sister is at her interview today to see if going to court will happen and what should be done for her punishment or something like that. I wish her much luck. I know her and she probably will screw herself over so i am wishig and sending out much luck to her. oh and yesterday was my dad's birthday...and of course i didn't call...fuck him! He has done to much to hurt me for me to forgive him or to wish him a "happy" birthday. maybe I should call him and wish him a horrible one. But I do kind of feel bad that I didn't call. I mean yes, he is my dad, but he doesn't act like one.

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Bored Again..So i go on sites [28 Feb 2005|01:13pm]

Taurus - Your Love Profile

Your positive traits:

You tend to stick with relationships - through the good and the bad.

You are a great listener and tend to give valuable advice.

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Your negative traits:

Money is very important to you, so much so that it's a cause of arguments in relationships.

If your lover isn't loyal or attentive enough to you, your eyes start to wander...

You tend to keep things inside - so your partner may not know when or why you're upset.

Your ideal partner:

Is stable, serious, and ready to be committed to you.

Is successful and able to provide you with the lifestyle you crave.

A true romantic, who is willing to express their desire for your heart.

Your dating style:

Comfortable and traditional. You'd love to have a nice meal at a cozy restaurant.

Your seduction style:

Love comes first for you before you'd even think of intimacy.

Traditional: you're not a cold fish - but you're not into kink either.

Pleasing... you always make sure that your partner is having a good time.

Tips for the future:

Be willing to change your mind. Who you think is the love of your life may be very wrong for you.

Try listening to your mate. While your stubborn streak is hard to break, sometimes your partner knows best.

Ligthen up! The first months of a relationship should be about fun, not intentions.

Best place to meet someone online:

American Singles - peek in on how much potential dates make, and what they do for a living.

Best color to attract mate: Pale blue

Best day for a date: Friday

Get your free love profile at Blogthings.

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Bored in School [28 Feb 2005|11:40am]
[ mood | amused ]

Your Seduction Style: The Dandy

You're a non-traditionalist, not limited by gender roles or expectations.
Your sexuality is more fluid than that - and you defy labels or categories.
It's hard to pin you down, and that's what's fascinating about you.
You have the psychology of both a male and a female, and you can relate to anyone.

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YES! [28 Feb 2005|11:15am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Yay! FCAT reading complete. I am now officially half way done with the FCAT. I would say something about them but in turn that will jynx me. Hold on let me knock on wood.......................... ok. Hopefully that works. I am so damn tired. I went to bed late and I woke up at 6:59...I had to haul ass out of the house. I always go to bed late and I don't know why. I know I am going to end up tired, but I still do it anyway. Oh and well I am scheduled to work everyday on spring break. yay for me. Well I told them days are better so I will be working mainly during the day which is great! I have nights free to do what I want. Of course I mind working, but I don't mind that little paper I get every other Monday for all my hard work. lol. Well I have to work Saturday and Sunday this week..but only 12-4. Saturday I am going out, but I am free Friday night...oh wait I may not be. David and Joanna want to go out to a movie on one of their "its a date but Hali has to come" things. I don't want to go and be uncomfortable again. They may start to kiss and stuff. I am putting one seat between me and them at the movie, but I would like someone to come with me and keep me company. Oh wait I did ask someone, but I just thought of it. They probably wont be able to come because we are going to a night movie but probably before they get off work. Oh well. If you have nothing better to do on Friday and wouldn't mind going with me let me know. If I have to go alone I guess I can endure it. Ill just try really hard to put some seats between us, buy my own drink and popcorn and pay as close attention to the movie. Wait I always pay close attention to the movie...that wont be to difficult...lol

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Braces Countdown [27 Feb 2005|10:32pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]


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Another Day [27 Feb 2005|08:14pm]
[ mood | content ]

Today is sunday. I worked a double today and yesterday at work. 11:30-10:30 yesterdaya nd 12-7 today. Hey I got some hours in and I am content. It was fun yesterday, today was fun too...lol Tomorrow is FCAT..the big one...this year it determines if i will graduate. Oh and you know what sucks?! Well all my friends are hot!! When ever i am with them they get the compliments and i get the oh you their friend. It honestly sucks when all your friends look better than you...just once I want to be the one people compliment...just once...is that to much to ask for? Obviously it is. Why dont they think i look good? i think i do, but other people dont i guess...but i guess as long as i think i am that is what counts. I talked to Tom...apparently he seemed shocked i like to read about scientific stuff...lol..i cant help it though, i am a science person. I want to see Hitch so bad, but no one wants to or can. If you wish to see it with me post here and leave your name and number.

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A New Day [23 Feb 2005|07:53am]
Well I am back in school! A nice long four day weekend followed by one sick day. I am proud of myself; yesterday was my first sick day this year! However my return isn't pleasant. Of course I naturally don't want to be here and would rather have stayed home again and very well could have, but I decided to come back, why I don't really know. My first hour teacher has completely ruined my daily ruteen. Normally I come into her class, do the stupid warm up, and then put my head down and sleep the rest of the hour, not no more. She has rearranged the seating so now I sit practically right in front of her and can't sleep no more! This stinks. Oh well, I can always try, so what if she tells me to get up, Ill get up and then go back to sleep...lol...Good night everyone, I am off for my first hour nap.

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YAY FOR ME [17 Feb 2005|12:51pm]
[ mood | excited ]

guess what everyone!!!! come on just guess!!! well i went bowling again last night....and i got a.....TURKEY!!! second time in my life!! oh and in the first three frames!!! i am so happy about that, i dont think i will be that happy again..well until i get another one that is!!...but then charlie kept getting in my way so i blew that game and only bowled a 158...that sucks! Well hey i bowled pretty damn good. I love it. When i got it i began sreaming and jumping up and down and i think maybe tom mocked me when he came running over screaming he got a turkey...hey i dont care because i am happy i got one. Wow, i couldnt believe that he is the youngest in his family. I could have sworn that B.J. was younger than him, its just one of those things i will never get over now. I hate it when one of those happens to me. Wow. Anyway, I am even more happy because i just got my math quiz back and i got a 100...go me...lol...and on top of that i have a 100% in here...Algebra 2 aint that hard...yet! To bring even more joy to this i found out i have straight A's so far this semester...hurray. There is so much joy right now in my life! Oh and by the way...I would like to say thank you to my mom who spent a ton of money on me yesterday buying me clothes and shoes! THANK YOU MOM! LOVE YOU! Well my laptop battery says 69% left...lol...i think that number is funny, anytime i see it i have to laugh.

Turkey!! Turkey!!

I got a Turkey again in bowling!!

(brighten up my day)

Love This Song [15 Feb 2005|01:17pm]
[ mood | thinking of... ]

Lil' Jon Lyrics

Lovers & Friends Lyrics

(feat. Usher, Ludacris)
[Intro - Lil' Jon]
Lil' Jon...

[Usher (with Lil' Jon)]
Yeah, man
Once again, it's on (It's on)
You know we had to do it again, right?

[Lil' Jon]
We had to do it again, boy
Want you to sing to these ladies, man

[Usher (with vocalizing)]
A'ight, so I'm up first? A'ight, lemme have it...
Let's do it...

[1st Verse - Usher]
Baby, how ya doin'?
Hope that 'cha fine, wanna know what you got in mind,
And I'm,
Got me fiendin' like Jodeci, girl, I can't leave you alone,
Take a shot of this here Petrone' and it's gon' be on,
V.I.P. done got way too crowded,
I'm about to end up callin' it a night,
You should holla at 'cha girl, tell her you shake it and seized,
Pull off, beep-beep, shotgun in the GT with me
She said, "Ohhh-ohhh, I'm ready to ride, yeah,"
"'Cause once you get inside, you can't change your mind,"
"Don't mean to sound impatient, but you gotta promise, baby, ohh..."

[Chorus - Usher]
Tell me again (Tell me again, my baby),
That we'll be Lovers and Friends (Ohh, I gotta know, baby, aw yeah)
Tell me again (Make sho' you right, ohh, before we leave),
That we'll be Lovers and Friends (Ohh, it's a good look, baby)...

[2nd Verse - Ludacris]
Sometimes wanna be your lover,
Sometimes wanna be your friend,
Sometimes wanna hug ya,
Hold hands, slow-dance while the record spins,
Opened up your heart 'cause you said I made you feel so comfortable,
Used to play back then, now you all grown-up like Rudy Huxtable,
I could be your Bud, you could beat me up,
Play-fight in the dark, then we both make love,
I'd do anything just to feel your butt,
Why you got me so messed up?
I don't know, but you gotta stop trippin',
Be a good girl now, turn around, and get these whippings,
You know you like it like that,
You don't have to fight back,
Here's a pillow - bite...that,
And I'll be settin' seperate plays,
So on all these separate days,
Your legs can go they separate...ways...

[Chorus - Usher]
Tell me again (Tell me again, my baby),
That we'll be Lovers and Friends (Ohh, it's a good look, baby)
Tell me again (Tell me over-and-over-and-over again),
That we'll be Lovers and Friends (Make sho' you right, before you choose)...

[3rd Verse - Lil' Jon]
I's been know you fo' a long time (shawty),
But fuckin' never crossed my mind (shawty),
But tonight, I seen sumthin' in ya (shawty),
That made me wanna get wit 'cha (shawty),
But you ain't been nuttin' but a friend to me (shawty),
And a nigga never ever dreamed to be (shawty),
Up in here, kissin', huggin', squeezin', touchin' (shawty),
Up in the bathtub, rub-a-dubbin' (shawty),
Are you sure you wanna go this route? (shawty),
Let a nigga know before I pull it out (shawty),
I would never ever cross the line (shawty),
Shawty, let me hear ya tell me one mo' time...one mo' time...

[Chorus - Usher]
Tell me again (Tell me again, my baby),
That we'll be Lovers and Friends (Ohh, it's a good look, baby)
Tell me again (Make sho' you right, ohh, before we leave),
That we'll be Lovers and Friends (Tell me over-and-over-and-over again)...

[Outro - Usher]

[Ludacris (with Lil' Jon)]
Please tell your Lovers and Friends,
That Usher, Jon, and Luda had to do it again (Hey!! (Hey!!)
Please tell your Lovers and Friends,
That Usher, Jon, and Luda had to do it again, that's right (Hey!! (Hey!!)
Please tell your Lovers and Friends,
That Usher, Jon, and Luda had to do it again (Hey!! (Hey!!)...

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